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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you insured?

Yes we have Public Liabilty Insurance of up to $5,000,000

What happens if it rains?

All our jumping castles come with a cover to protect them from the rain. In saying that, depending on what the weather is actually like on the day, we do not permit our jumping castles to be out in stormy weather with high winds. STRICTLY for your SAFETY!!
We will call you in the morning on the day if the weather seems to hazardous to discuss whether or not it is safe.

Is there a delivery fee, deposit required or cancellation fee?

There is NO need for a deposit prior to the booking NOR is there a delivery fee and NO cancellation fee!

What is required of me the customer on the day?

We require you to let us in! We set up the jumping castle for you and we also pack it up for you. We require you to have a clear driveway for our trailer, a free powerpoint as it is powered by electricity and a clean area as to where the jumping castle will be positioned so that it is not damaged by any sharp objects!

Rules of operation?
All personnel need to remove their shoes prior to playing on the jumping castle.
No food or drinks are permitted on the jumping castle.
The safety of the children is the sole responsibility of the customer hiring the jumping castle.
Children must be supervised at all times.

What surface can the jumping castles go on?

The jumping castles can go on any surface as we have a ground cover to protect them. Although we do require the area in which they will be situated on to be clean and clear of any hazardous object.

What is the maximum weight limit allowed on the jumping castles?

We recommend a maximum of 12 children at a time to be allowed on the Jumping Castles.

Can the jumping castle be set up at a park?

Yes, as long as you have called your council for approval. We will forward our Public Liability Currency Certificate which you will then pass onto your council office.
If there is no power at the venue then we will happily supply a generator to run the jumping castle at an additional cost of $120 fully inclusive of delivery and petrol.

How do I book?

You can book by either calling us on 0497100649 or online using our online booking system here.

How much notice do I need to give for a booking?

You can book anytime however bookings get very busy in the Summer Time. Please book as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Alternatively you can contact us on the day as we may have an availability.

What do the prices include?

All prices ensure you receive a blower, extension cable, circuit breaker and safety crash mat. Set up, inflation and collection of the jumping castles are also included in the price. Generators can be Supplied at additional cost for remote locations.

When are your Jumping castles available?

Our castles are available 7 days a week all year round including Public Holidays.

How long do I get the equipment for?

When booking you can choose between three options; 4 hour hire, 8 hour hire and lastly overnight hire.

Do you hire overnight?

Yes we do hire overnight and usually pick up the castle the following morning.

How do I pay?

We require you to pay on the day before we have set up the jumping castle and that is either by cash or direct deposit. You may also pay by cheque but we require the cheque 7 business days before the hire date. We also accept online paypal payments if you would like to pay via Credit card.

Can the jumping castle be set up on a slope?

If it is a very slight slope it may be possible, you will need to discuss this with us prior to the booking.

How long does it take to set up/inflate/deflate/pack up the jumping castle?

The jumping castles take approximately 10 minutes to set up and 30 minutes to pack up. However this is only an estimate, times may vary depending on which castle you hire.

How much space is needed?

It depends on which castle your hire. You can view the required space needed by visiting our Jumping Castles page on our website and clicking on the desired Castle that you would like to hire! We would like you to allow 1m extra on the length and width, as we need to leave room for the blowers and cords.

Do you supply safety instructions?

Yes we provide detailed safety instructions with every hire.

Can I have a Jumping Castle on a Hard Surface?

Yes this must be confirmed at the time of booking to allow staff to bring ground sheets and sand bags.


If you would like to or need to contact us for any reason whether it be prior to the day or the actual day we are contactable on the mobile at all times!